Our Investment Process

Step #1: Building a Financial Plan

"I now feel financial peace of mind."

This is the most frequent comment we hear from clients following the completion of their financial plan. Managing your personal finances in today's complex and rapidly changing world can be a daunting task. We recognize that a client's behavior can often have the most significant impact on their returns. Therefore, we make sure to help clients:

  • Establish clear goals and objectives
  • Be a patient and disciplined investor
  • Have regular contact to identify changes in plans
  • Be engaged and take an active interest in their finances
  • Avoid the temptation to chase passing trends
  • Have a client/advisor relationship built around trust

Most financial plans are conducted at a point in time. However, an effective plan must evolve as the market conditions and personal circumstances change. We will continually look for new opportunities to reduce taxes and risk while maintaining a reasonable rate of return.

Step #2: Determining customized solutions

Based on your risk tolerance, investment objective and taking into consideration your time horizon, liquidity needs and tax constraints, we will construct a custom-tailored portfolio proposal for your review. The proposal will show you some recommended individual asset allocation mixes consisting of cash, fixed income and equities including individual securities.

We believe an informed client makes the best investment decisions; therefore, we strive for open and honest communication as we build your portfolio. Every client is unique. We do not believe that a generic, one-size-fits-all portfolio is appropriate for all investors. We will engage the client in the portfolio-building and decision-making processes; helping you choose investments that you understand and that will meet your unique needs.

Step #3: Determining Investment Strategy

There are two basic types of people in the stock market today – traders and investors. Traders are those who buy shares, and then sell them after a few days/weeks/months. They are in it for the short-term. Meanwhile, investors are those who buy shares, and then sell them after several years. They are in it for the long term. Before you go into the market, we will help you understand the difference between traders and investors because your investment strategy will depend on that knowledge.

We are Financial Advisors for investors and will focus on your long-term wealth – guided by your individual Financial Plan. We provide non-discretionary, active portfolio management to position you in the best companies with wide and sustainable economic ‘moats' that are competitively managed. Financial markets are continually changing, nothing remains static, and companies face new opportunities and threats every day. Market volatility is unavoidable, but with the proper risk planning and execution of strategies it can also represent opportunity. We use different investment vehicles – such as mutual funds and exchange traded funds, stocks and bonds – in a strategic manner to diversify your investments. We will communicate and explain to you how and why we think a security should remain a holding in your portfolio, or if you should look elsewhere.

As you accumulate wealth it is essential to have a properly diversified portfolio. This reduces risk and emotional decision making. As your independent wealth management advisors, we offer unbiased, objective advice on strategies best suited to your individual needs. We will always put service first with quick responses to any inquires and regular, quarterly account reviews.

We look forward to working with you to grow your net worth.